About us



KOMTEK 2006 Ltd. Sofia, Bulgaria, entered the field of two-way analog and digital radio communications in 1994. Since 2004 the company provides also microwave and broadband solutions.

Our basic objective is to introduce the best two-way radio, broadband and microwave solutions and products to the Bulgarian marketplace. Currently, KOMTEK 2006 Ltd. could be best described as an LMR, SMR and Broadband System Integrator and a distributor of several world leading manufacturers.

KOMTEK 2006 Ltd. excels at turn-key projects of trunked, conventional and digital two-way radio systems /TETRA and DMR systems, paging, SCADA, microwave and PTP/PMP broadband solutions/. This includes system design, radio coverage planning, system installation, commissioning, maintenance, repair, warranty and after warranty services. KOMTEK 2006 Ltd. also provides assistance to its customers in obtaining radio frequencies, operating licenses, etc.

KOMTEK 2006 Ltd. has distribution agreements with a number of the world leading manufacturers of communication equipment. That`s why we could offer you the best solution at best price meeting all your personal needs and giving you communication everywhere at every conditions!




Since 2007 KOMTEK 2006 Ltd. has a Quality management system certified in accordance to ISO 9001. KOMTEK 2006 regionally provides radio communication engineering services with highest quality. Our qualified staff of engineers and technicians possess a proven track records and uses its engineering capacity and expertise to design, installation and commissioning for MOTOTRBO systems and solutions, TETRAFLEX and DIMETRA TETRA digital systems, microwave and broadband PMP/PTP systems, radio coverage expansion systems, 3G/4G/GPS solutions and even more.




The KOMTEK 2006’s customers traditionally are the government organizations, such as Ministry of Interior (MoI), Ministry of defense (MoD), Gas & Oil companies, some big companies from chemical industry, Mining companies, Airports and Ports, Electricity   distribution   companies   and ect. For more information you may see  Our Projects.