Modern industrial companies and manufacturing enterprises need not just to connect the staff, but flexible and modern communication solution which ensures uninterrupted communication with all mobile users at any time. Integration of communication solutions for managing work processes greatly enhanced the efficiency and productivity of companies, allows for constant control and monitoring. We have built and maintain analog, digital TETRA radio systems in the territories of many of the leading companies in the energy, manufacturing, mining, etc. - Kozloduy NPP - early warning system for disasters and accidents; AES 3C Maritza East 1 EOOD - TETRA system;Lukoil Neftochim Burgas AD - high-speed wireless network, digital MOTOTRBO system; Dundee Precious Metals Chelopech EAD - analogue radio and conventional MotoTRBO system, Assarel Medet AD - SmartTRUNK system, dispatching applications ;Elatsite Med -  SmarTrunk system, dispatch systems, wireless radio network for video surveillance and digital MotoTRBO system, Solvay Sodi - digital system MotoTRBO and ect. All communication systems are tailored to the specific needs and topology of the sites, which is possible thanks to flexible and diverse solutions and applications products of Motorola Solutions.




Security is extremely important within the airports. There is a constant need for clear communications at any time, regardless of the noisy environment or remote jobs. In 2008 and 2009 KOMTEK 2006 Ltd was selected for executing the investment project for the design, supply, installation and commissioning of the TETRA communications systems of two of the largest airports in Bulgaria - Varna Airport and Burgas Airport. Over the years, systems have expanded and today the reliable communication of the two airports serving flawlessly staff welcomes more than 2 million passengers annually.

On the territory of Plovdiv Airport, which is also situated in a strategic location and is one of the largest airport complexes in Bulgaria, with opportunities to serve 1000 passengers in rush hour, we have built a digital communication system MotoTRBO.




Responsible attitude to cargo and vehicles, speed of service and high customer satisfaction are the main goals of the operation of port terminals. To meet the challenges of the new century, more and more leading companies recognize the need for a secure connection with their staff to be able to monitor and manage any business process and exploatate the best of the potential of their investments. Bourgas port and harbor complex Ruse are our customers that effectively use built on their territories communication systems: the port of Burgas - broadband wireless MESH system for data traffic and digital radio MotoTRBO, and the port of Ruse - MESH devices for wireless connectivity to remote sites. Logistics and service companies operating in the ports areas also use modern and reliable communication with Motorola equipment.



The successful management of any modern company depends on the orderly organization of staff and proper distribution of tasks and activities and their effective control. Ensuring reliable communication is one of the key factors in achieving maximum efficiency of processes, increase productivity and ensure maximum safety for staff and consumers. Whether you need an uninterrupted connection with company personnel, monitoring and management of hotel business, immediate communication in the hospital or simply secure connection between your employees - we have the solution. Analog and digital radios Motorola offer a full range of options to suit the specific needs of each user in the public sector. We deliver and maintain radio communication equipment for security firms, hotels, construction sites, mass events and much more. Various accessories - antennas, batteries, audio accessories, wearable accessories, cases, chargers or wireless accessories enable each radio series to meet the individual needs of each client.




When your business is connected with work in explosive environments - safety comes first! Whether it comes to combustible materials, increased levels of dust or just work in extreme conditions - Motorola offers the solution - series radios ATEX / FM approved / specifically designed to meet the needs of workers in hazardous environments. Easy to use, highly secure, with excellent sound quality, workflow helpful in noisy environments with many added functionalities, these radios ensure continuous communication with all staff, regardless of the moment in what conditions they work. One of the industry-leading companies in Bulgaria - Lukoil Neftochim Bourgas AD, has recognized  long time ago the need of professional equipment for working in critical conditions and Komtek 2006 Ltd. has built a secure communication system in its territory - high-speed wireless network and digital radio MOTOTRBO for work in hazardous areas.