Radio Coverage Extending Systems

When the area of radio coverage is not sufficient to ensure reliable mobile particular territory or you need to provide radio coverage within buildings, tunnels, bunkers and other places where it is impossible to provide radio coverage it has different technical solutions and variants of equipment that you can use to solve the problem and extend the radio coverage.

KOMTEK 2006 Ltd. works with some of the world wide leaders in the field of expansion of radio coverage systems. We offer a wide range of products and systems for radio coverage extension of all type radio communications networks, as example:

  • Analogue radio service
  • Digital service radio (DMR)
  • TETRA radio
  • GSM networks
  • UMTS networks

The main application of radio distribution system is to provide the radio coverage in areas where, for some reason, it can not be provided directly from the service network as an example:

  • In tunnels, galleries and shafts;
  • In concrete buildings, production halls and other similar monolithic structures;
  • In vehicles such as trains and planes.



KOMTEK 2006 Ltd. offers two basic types of systems for radio coverage extension:

Wireless (Off Air) distributing radio system


The system is based on OffAir repeater which is equipped with two antennas. The first antenna is antenna which is operating in the original network. The second antena is donor antenna. The donor antenna provide radio coverage in the area where radio coverage must be extended.

Optical powered distributing system

These are the most modern radio distributing systems on the market. Their part of the radio signal is withdrawn directly from the serving base station network whose scope we want to expand, then through a device called Optical Master Unit (OMU) is converted into an optical signal. The optical signal, by single-mode optical fiber is transported to an optically powered repeaters, where it is converted back into a radio signal which is distributed by service antenna system in the area where we want to provide extended coverage.