MotoTRBO Digital Trunking Systems

MOTOTRBO - designed to meet the specific needs of mobile mission critical solutions for the industry, public safety and security


  MOTOTRBO Professional Digital Two-way Radio System is a digital communication platform that combines the best of two-way radios with digital technology. The advantages of digital technology are well known - users receive secure, reliable and uninterrupted connectionintegrated voice and data, enhanced voice features and spectrum efficiency.

      Vocoding and Forward Error Correction - Vocoding (Voice encoding) compresses speech by breaking it into its most important parts and encoding them with a small number of bits. Because it focuses on human speech, it greatly reduces background noise. Forward Error Correction (FEC) enables the receiving radio to correct bit errors that occur due to RF channel impairments - enabling more consistent audio performance throughout the coverage area. With MotoTRBO you could make:

      Private Call - allows one-to-one communication between transmitting and receiving radio. Private Call does NOT imply encryption or any other level of security above and beyond the inherent level of digital privacy. An employee could for example use a Private Call to privately alert a specific manager about a security incident, rather than placing a Group Call that would be heard by a whole group. Digital Group Call - a way of enabling groups to share a channel without distracting and disrupting other radio users.  Both transmitting and receiving radios must be on the same logical channel (frequency and timeslot).  Two radio users cannot listen to each other if they are on the same logical channel (frequency and timeslot) but different groups. Or Total disclosure - conversation with everyone regardless of which groups they belong.

      MotoTRBO products can operate in digital and analogue mode. Moreover, digital repeaters can automatically switch between the two modes, depending on what radios conduct an ongoing conversation. Thus it is possible a smooth transition from analogue to digital platform that allows planning of a transitional period and gradually upgrade opportunity for improvement anytime according to your needs. Based on MOTOTRBO products Motorola Solutions has developed several options for radio systems that aimed the best possible organization of the work of mobile subscribers and the most efficient usage of the available frequency resources, depending on the specific needs and circumstances.





                                                          IP Site connect                                                                                                           Capacity PLUS Single Site




MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect (IPSC) synchronized operation of multiple (up to 15) digital repeaters deployed at geographically different locations. Thus the zone of radio coverage is expanded, and the repeaters are united in a common radio system having a capacity of one RF channel (2 Time slot) and a single common management. All repeaters establish a common radio network via the built-in Ethernet controller. This connection can be achieved through the Internet, corporate Ethernet/ Extranet network, broadband backbone or otherwise depending on the specific opportunities. In this mode, repeaters provide services for exchanging voice and data packages.

There are three main functions of these systems:

  • Extension of radio coverage in areas of MOTOTRBO repeaters.
  • Exchange aloud and data between subscribers located in the geographical areas of radio coverage where various MOTOTRBO repeaters are connected in common IPSC network.
  • Exchange aloud and data between subscribers located in the geographical areas of radio coverage where various MOTOTRBO repeaters are connected in IPSC and / or using different frequency ranges and frequency bands such as VHF, UHF, 800 / 900MHz.

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MOTOTRBO Capacity PLUS is system designed to expand the capacity of single site  digital repeater. Capacity Plus is a stand-alone single site MOTOTRBO radio system expandable by adding additional MOTOTRBO repeaters. It provides to mobile subscribers ability to exchange voice and data in the area of ​​radio coverage of single site capacity Plus radio system. Capacity PLUS increases the capacity of conventional single-site digital radio system at least twice. It is an intelligent solution that could bring up to 1,200 users, without the need of a new frequency.

Capacity PLUS is ideal for industrial applications, factories, resorts, hotels, hospitals, warehouses, and other medium to larger enterprises. Capacity Plus allows quick and efficient transfer of large amounts of information in real time, mission critical, business and contributes to increasing the productivity and safety of production processes.

MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus is a unique and effective single site radio system that provides reliable digital mobile communication, combined with the functionality of traditional cable systems. It enables simultaneous use voice and data communication in the same system.

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                                      Capacity Plus Multi Site                                                                                                                       Capacity Max



Capacity Plus Multi Site is a radio system based on MOTOTRBO technology and combining the advantages of IP Site Connect (IPSC) and Capacity Plus (C +) systems. The most significant fpr this system is that it combines the mechanisms of organization of multi site organization of IPSC with multi channel capacity of single site Capacity Plus system. The most important advantages of Capacity Plus Multi Siteare  roaming services and improved protocols for avoiding errors in simultaneous trials of many users to occupy the working channel of radio system. Also there is some changes regarding improving the efficiency of the system. The most important feature is that every C +  or  IPSC  system can be upgraded to Capacity Plus Multi Site by renovation of software and adding a additional software packages and licenses. Capacity Plus Multi Site technology also allows connectivity via an IP-based network to up to 15 sites, each of which can support up to 8 MOTOTRBO repeaters (up to 16 channels) for voice and also through additional repeaters for data services it can transfer a GPS data and also any other non-voice information. Capacity Plus Multi Site is using IP protocols and technologies for the connection between sites (recomendable Ethernet) as in IPSC, but require expansion of bandwidth for data transfer between the sites and digital MOTOTRBO repeaters.

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Capacity Max radio system combines the benefits of digital MOTOTRBO functionality (two voice conversation repeater integrated digital features, etc.), and the effectiveness of multi-site with the multi-channel operation. Unlike Capacity Plus and Capacity Plus Multi Site, MOTOTRBO Capacity Max uses a managing controller of each site. Capacity Max system is specifically designed to work using a control channel operations allocated in the structure of every site. As in conventional radio system, the subscribers radios when are not participate in the call are seek (listen) the control channel. All the necessary information to establish a call is transmitted through the control channel. After the calling radio sent the request for call to the called radio through control channel, the managing controller analyze the request and divert the calling and the called subscribers  to implement the call (or data transfer) to channel traffic. The structure of the Capacity Max allows to support up to 15 repeaters (30 channels) for each cell, which are divided into a 250 sites (currently in the Connect Plus network. Unlike of IPSC, C + and LCP, radio system Capacity Max supports a number of features that are only available in it.

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Wave PTX


WAVE PTX is a broadband 3G / 4G / WiFi alternative to traditional two-way radio communication and is a great tool for optimizing your internal communication network and operational workflow management. It is applicable for a wide range of clients - agencies, government organizations, industrial, commercial, transport companies, etc. of any type and size. WAVE PTX is a communication system for communication with work teams and aims to facilitate their management and coordination. The complete WAVE PTX solution consists of a mobile application designed for the installation of a mobile device (smartphone or tablet), a dispatching application, a control system and specialized shock-resistant subscriber equipment. Subscribers use the transmission of the networks of mobile operators, connecting to the network of the one with the best signal. Thanks to the advantages of mobile technologies and due to intelligent and intuitive management, there is no need for serious training to start using the whole system easily and instantly. The WAVE PTX application connects you to your teams through features including PTT voice calls, GPS tracking, text and multimedia messaging. Traditionally, the network is managed by a dispatcher. In addition to the mobile application, WAVE PTX offers convenient and easy management of your teams through an interface on your computer. With a dispatch application you can monitor and manage the actions of subscribers in real time, as well as record voice calls and operational data for later analysis. At the same time, you can produce statistics and analyzes in real time. WAVE PTX provides a feature-rich PTT communication solution needed for your teams using broadband and WiFi access and IP connectivity, ensuring seamless connectivity even in the worst conditions and environments, expanding your mobile range. network virtually anywhere in the world. As a cheap alternative to traditional two-way radio communication, WAVE PTX is an opportunity to optimize mobile communications, improve management and improve work processes in various businesses and organizations in each sector.


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These products offer the most advanced features for radio fleet management, dispatch and voice and data communications. They leverage the enhanced wireline MOTOTRBO Network Application Interface (NAI) which allows dispatchers to interface directly with the repeaters over IP, improving the system stability, security and reliability but also reducing hardware overheads and lowering maintenance costs.

The MOTOTRBO Control Room Solutions have undergone stringent quality testing in Motorola Solutions’ labs ensuring they meet the highest standards of quality, solve business critical problems and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

A key benefit of the MOTOTRBO Control Room Solutions is the new Network Application Interface which establishes a direct link between the control room solution and repeaters. With this new interface, connectivity is simplified for a more cost-effective and reliable solution architecture. And dispatchers benefit from an enhanced experience with full transparency, recording of all group and individual calls and more communications security from the radio to the application.


Key benefits:


Reasonable price for deployment and maintenance
High reliability
• Record of individual and group calls
Simplified architecture for easy integration and use
• Ability to backup
Compatible with all MotoTRBO and analog systems


Main functionalities:


  • Fleet administration - Efficiently manage fleet operations and remotely control radios. Get live status updates and configure the radio to send online/offline reports to the server.
  • Voice dispatch - Provides communications between the dispatcher and remote radios. Make broadcast, group, private, remote monitor or emergency calls even quicker using programmable shortcuts.
  • Job ticketing - Create, assign and monitor job tickets through the radio network to deliver routine tasks more efficiently. Radio users can accept or decline the job ticket by simply pushing a button.
  • Еvent Logging - Log all system events including voice calls, text messages and status changes. Customise rules, filter and group events or generate reports detailing location and radio status.
  • Telemetry - Monitor and manage remote equipment from the control room. The system supports native MOTOTRBO telemetry with multiple profiles supported for different devices.
  • Alarm & Lone worker - Improve the safety of personnel with automatic alarms and lone worker protection. The alarm can also be sent as an automated message, e-mail or SMS.
  • Text messages and emails - Easily communicate with other devices when voice communication is not possible. Send broadcast, group or private text messages. Radio users can text back to the dispatcher.
  • Voice recording - Continuous voice recording of all calls with playback for analysis, reporting or training purposes. Audio files are stored in MP3 format on the Radio Server and Dispatcher.
  • GPS tracking - Follow workers, vehicles and business assets in real-time to ensure maximum safety and productivity. View routes, set up GeoFencing and log radio movements using a configurable set of rules.


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